Steph Curry’s Neighbor

I know I know don’t come for me about the title of this blog post lol . That fire in eyes is just so inspiring to me. (READ FURTHER)

The purpose of this post is to motivate you. I don’t know who I’m writing this for, but whoever you are this post is for you. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Yes you are. You are in control of your life and everything that happens in your life! This isn’t just something I’m saying to you to motivate you and move on with my life, but the honest truth. You control your life. The people you surround yourself with, the places you place your feet and the sights you feast your eyes on are all things you can control.

Ultimately you control how you react to everything happening in the world that directly involves you and how your life functions as a result of whatever this thing is. You control your body and whether you get up today or still keep pushing when others tell you to stay down you won’t make it……………………………………………..

You control if you will be poor, middle class or rich. You control how your life will go and what you will do. No matter the challenges you go through in life or things you feel like you can’t do for whatever reasons, excuses or road blocks in general. Know you can and you will control how your life ends up or how it doesn’t end up.

Those challenges you go through are truly all for a reason this isn’t just a saying but a fact I know to be true just based off things I’ve witnessed and my own experiences. I’ve gone through a lot in my life, I haven’t given up and I won’t give up. Even when my heart technically stops beating the love, respect and knowledge I have flowing through the energies of my soul will reign and my presence will still be known, and to many be felt………………………………………


              Future is choice. God gave us a wonderful gift when we were given free will. This isn’t to sway you into believing in God or energies or soul or any of that simply just conveying my feeling about the fact that YOU YES YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER your life yes I’m screaming that at you. I want you to get it, understand, and believe don’t get off focus………………………………..


  • Watch what you are looking at- A dear friend of mine gave me the realest words one time. She said “What you are watching is fucking you.” These words stung my soul when she said them to me, because I was watching things that didn’t fuel my soul. (doesn’t just mean t.v, or social media, people watching is apart of this fuckery)


  • Stay focused- don’t let set backs or other people’s doubts sway you back into the bucket with the rest of the crabs keep climbing you will get out the bucket.


  • Dismiss yourself completely from things that aren’t good for you. If you are speaking to someone and every time you talk to them you feel bad, have a headache feel bombarded with their issues and abandon your own as a result. Run and run fast.


  • Center yourself– You need to get to yourself in order to do this. Like Kevin Gates says OFF DA METER” that means don’t be accessible to anyone or anything that isn’t contributing to the goals you are setting for yourself.


  • STOP COMPARING– Don’t start looking at the Curry’s and measuring your version of success based off their tangible or intangible possessions. It’s ok just to be Steph Curry’s neighbor or cross town associate with your own successes. Comparing will leave you feeling hopeless, less of yourself and sometimes like a complete failure. Adding this sort of pressure to your life is Counter productive. Now if you are using Curry’s success as a motivational factor that’s different.


There are plenty of other tips I could give you but I’m just going to leave you with this.

Success is what’s important to you and only you measure your success.

It’s OK to put something down, re-focus and approach it from a different angle. That doesn’t mean you failed or you quit simply just re-grouping and that’s OK.

Just because you don’t have that car you wrote on your vision board years ago or that business isn’t going like you envisioned it would. That doesn’t mean you have failed.

Take a step back write down things you are doing and things you could be doing to make things go smoother. Look at yourself see if the problem is with you, don’t be afraid or too prideful to admit that it’s you that’s the problem.




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