Do you love yourself? Really think about this question. No matter what, do you love yourself? I can honestly answer this question with yes now. I’ve struggled for the longest time even when I was a little girl and everyone told me how beautiful I was, but I would go home and look in the mirror and still try to figure out what was beautiful.

Beauty shouldn’t be defined by the perceptions of others and what they deem is beautiful yet often times it’s still the case for us. We look to the media, magazines and others to tell us what beauty is and never take the time to just learn and love ourselves. Loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do especially since you are always telling you that you aren’t good enough.

We also spend so much time looking at others and what they have that we don’t have, measuring successes based on other people and their journey in life. We look for outside forces to define beauty for us.

Take some time today or this weekend to truly spend time loving on yourself even if it’s for twenty minutes daily you should be taking some time to yourself to really learn you, love and appreciate everything about yourself.

Don’t put yourself down even in a joking manner. Someone once told me that a joke was a funny way to tell the truth and I honestly believe that statement.

So NO you aren’t dumb, you aren’t ugly, and NO you aren’t a failure.

We all start this race called life at different times, but it’s just simply about finishing this race, learning and truly loving ourselves.

Sometimes simple things like going to the mall and getting a free makeover may be just the thing you need to feel prettier in that moment. Or maybe a new outfit is something you need to keep your confidence going. All I will say is don’t rely heavily on material possessions to make you happy.

When you have nothing of tangible value you do still have your temple, your smile, your hair, your bald head, your acne, grey hair, your moles, your rolls, your stretch marks, your teeth, YOURSELF evolution is a beautiful thing, it’s proof you exist as a human being here on this earth.

Giving your body the attention you can’t always get from someone else is really beneficial to feeling happy and complete.

It’s alright to just RUB YOUR OWN BOOTY. img_20171018_102834.jpg

I rub my booty every day, I play in my hair. I smile at myself and I constantly remind myself. That I am a QUEEN cloaked with all the finest rubies, diamonds and jewels that love could buy.

Every day it’s not going to be easy to LOVE yourself, but I encourage you to do it anyway. LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOU ARE ALL YOU HAVE…………………………………………



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Leave us your comments on how you show love to yourself we would love to converse.

2 thoughts on “INSECURE?

  1. Thanks for the great view and motivation to remember that I exist.. Throughout the numerous days of concentrating on work and my kids and making sure things are taken care of, I often forget to sit back and appreciate myself in this rat race. Thanks for the motivation to tell myself to chill for a second ..


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