Do you know what they see?


Do you ever stop and ask your child how they feel?

Like do you truly know what your kid likes?

Do you know what make them angry?

Do you know what  make them sad?

Do you know how they feel about you?

Do you know how they feel about your partner?

Do you know how they feel about the pet?

Do you Know the world from your Kids eyes?

I started learning about my children just 8 short months ago. We had just undergone a family crisis, and really didn’t know how to manage our emotions and were severely unbalanced.

I learned that Msiah my youngest really liked acting more than she liked gymnastics, even though she was very good at gymnastics.


I learned she loved sleep and was naturally a lover. I learned that my child had a true heart of gold. Then there’s Marley I learned that she had a very kind heart and could feel things deeply.

I learned that about her and Msiah honestly.

I learned she could be extremely mischievous and that she could lie really well. I learned that she liked to see things in pain just as much as she like to see things being loved. These were all just natural, raw, untainted traits.

You see I learned that when Marley is hurt she acts out and does things that are a potential danger to her qualities in life. By stepping away a bit and learning to see the world as my children see it I was able to truly learn them.

I learned that it doesn’t make sense to yell and scream and talk down to our children and beat them just to teach a lesson.

I learned that God wouldn’t make a body for another equal human being to determine what warrants physical punishment. I learned to uplift my children and show them rather than constantly tell them the consequences of certain actions.

I took Marley who was merely just broken  from the loss of her father and I helped her see that love in the midst of anger and chaos will always outweigh and out measure evil.

Love has no value because it’s authentic, raw and just pure energy. Energy never dies. The type of energy that never dies is that of love and loving and being harmonious here on earth.

 Learn your children see the world from their eyes………………..



Here are a few ways you can start  learning your child.

  • Talk to them
  • Listen to them without interrupting. Allow your child to fully express and confide how they feel to you.
  • Love on them don’t just tell them
  • Stop buying them so much. Instead try taking them out and showing them random acts of kind things to do. (The other day I was out and a man was trying to get some food for his dog but didn’t have enough money I went ahead without thinking and bought that dog food.) (I’ve also allowed by children to witness me say no to someone in “need” as well. I’m teaching them how to use their discretion and trust their choices. )
  • Allow them to break free. ( I let my oldest daughter Marley cross the street and play with her friends in their yard and ride scooters in the street for the first time. I was a little afraid at first, but allowing her to do what she did allowed me to learn even more things about my child, and her decision making habits when I’m not around. I watched from time to time but overall I allowed her to be free to make her own choices. I was so amazed at what flourished from her; her growth from that day forward has been truly amazing.)
  • Watch their friends you will be surprised what you learn. (I learned Marley had a really kind friend who made it clear to all the kids out side that she would keep them safe and watch for cars so they could have fun.) She’s loving, caring and independent already, perfect leadership qualities.
  • Fuel those talents and dreams your child has even if  they differ from your own. Spend the money with love it’s for your legacy. Don’t neglect your child’s future trying to fuel your own. There will always seem to be some void or feel like something is missing as a result.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND CONTINUE TO LOVE even during disappointing and trying times you still need to love your children. IF YOU HATE YOUR CHILD essentially you hate yourself. They are you and you are them you are equal perceptions of the same energy.
  • Lastly respect your child. Your age has nothing to do with your ability to show respect. How can you tell your child to respect you and others and care and all that good stuff yet keep showing them different.


They are watching you not just listening to you. Show them what you want them to know and tell them what will help them grow.


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