In pain?


OMG!!! I was in so much pain from a combination of moving into a new place, work, parenting, gym life and just everyday life that my neck, and back felt like my entire body was being wrapped in rocks and glass. I mean I couldn’t even walk without the pain being apparent.

I became worried and posted something on Facebook about being in pain. I don’t like going to the hospital so I’m always looking for a different solution. Soon after I had a few inbox messages, but this one in particular from Meta Love LLC really stood out to me. The representative stated that she would send me some free muscle rub as part of a promotion they were having, and that I didn’t have to pay anything she just thought this would help.

Instantly I became skeptical like we all would’ve of done and asked “Well how much is this going to cost me?” The representative responded “Nothing it’s completely free, the best part is you don’t even have to pay shipping and handling, I just know this will work.”


The product was beautiful when it arrived omg!!!!! Not only did I have muscle rub there were handmade soaps and essential oils. I was in Heaven. I immediately put the muscle rub on and instantly didn’t feel any pain like I had felt before. Later that day I showered while listening to Congratulations by Paul Malone then tried out the essential oil. I felt like a newborn baby with the oils on and the soft floral sent left a lasting impression on my co-workers.  THE BEST PART!!!!

My package got to me in two days so I didn’t suffer for long. I now order all my essential oils from Meta Love LLC and maintain a plethora of muscle rub. I do too much in a day not to have these products.

Follow them on INSTAGRAM to remain in the know. Visit their website to take advantage of these wonderful products.Meta Love


  1. I agree. I tried the muscle rub also for lower back pain and slept like a baby…also I nodded out on the floor after babysitting till 1am. I woke up with neck pain and stiffness.I immediately went and got Meta Love muscle rub and put it on my neck. Instant relief. So…tonight my daughter was complaining about aches and pains…she works two jobs…her and her boyfriend have 5 kids..his and hers. I reluctantly gave her my rub to try because I know she will love it and want to order. I’m ordering more for myself check day because it’s something I can’t live without. Thank you Meta Love….now for my other 5 daughter’s…I’m wondering.which one has to try it to believe it…Its truly an amazing rub.


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