MID, last week our schedule became so busy that it was almost impossible to get all our important tasks completed; plus we still had to run personal, and business related errands. It seemed that for every task we completed there was another equally valuable task that still had to be completed.




We still wanted to ensure that basic needs like eating on the run, and mail pick up were incorporated into our teams schedule as well. I mean let’s face the facts an organization is only as strong as its weakest member.

Here at ISHWITCOLA we get busy, but we never forget that people are human and that we all have basic needs that must be met in order for us to be productive in our work environments. We know we get the most bang for our bucks when our team is well taken care of.



We came together as a team, and pondered ideas to ensure our milestones were all met, and our personal needs were just as valuable as our productive needs.

We chose to use Junies Concierge Services. It’s a decision we are VERY PROUD of.  They were local to the area of Marietta Georgia where we were currently working, their prices were more than reasonable. They picked our mail up from our office, and delivered it for us. They picked up our meals ensuring they were delivered  in a timely fashion, the kicker to it all is they treated us with so much respect and courtesy that we had to continue using them.

We now use their services every Wednesday; this is by far the busiest day we have here at ISHWITCOLA.

They have a wonderful owner Nikki Wright. She maintains both a professional and personally invested relationship with all of her clients. Nikki and her staff know you by name!!

Junies Concierge Services treated us all with importance, value, and plenty of care. For that we were very grateful.

All too often we have tons of things to get done in one 24 hour block of time. A lot of times without the proper assistance most of our tasks get pushed into the next day. So it’s refreshing to have an extra set of hands around to get everything accomplished. Junies Concierge Services was just that for us, an accomplishment. WE THANK THEM SO MUCH!!

It doesn’t matter if you need some last minute items picked up from the store, or a prescription filled while you are in an important meeting. There is no task that Junies Concierge Services can’t accomplish for you. Call them today to take advantage of current promotions and offers. Tell them ISHWITCOLA sent you!!



Nikki Wright is a dedicated professional with over 5 years of experience. When it comes to completing your errands there is absolutely NO doubt that with Junies Concierge Services all your business and personal needs will be held with the highest regard,expertise, love and care.



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