It took me a while to learn that everyone who calls themselves your friend, your lover, or whatever the fuck they call themselves isn’t always that. You have to take a look at the things you are doing for everyone else and to what extent they are helping you. When I say help I’m not just talking about from a monetary standpoint, because sometimes people can’t help to that extent and that’s OK. I just want to use some real life scenarios though to give you a better understanding of what I mean.

Take me for instance. I’m a brand new blog artist with a lot of so called friends, but that’s only because I have something to give these so called friends. I’ve given great vibes, listening ears, kind words, thousands of dollars, hundreds of dollars, clothes, food, shelter, and can’t even get my so called friends to come read my blog.

I took a look back today at the years of giving I have done and decided that I’m not giving anymore. Now is my time to receive.  When you have everything and aren’t in need people hang around you more and sew into you more, but when you are in need people run from you as if you are diseased.

Today I witnessed someone that I’ve known for years disrespect my time and act as if I was just some random person off the streets. A lot of people are liars, who secretly want to see you fail even when they tell you they love you to your face. Some people are leeches and will suck you dry. Start paying attention and watching people who claim they love you. Pay very close attention to their actions.

  • When you speak do they down play or ignore the conversation?
  • When you need something no matter how big or small are they reliable?
  • When life hits you and you need them most, do they pack up and abandon the situation?
  • When you just need the company of a friend are they ever there?
  • When you need a friend to support your business, dreams, goals or ambitions do they do that? (Support doesn’t always mean they buy from you, but if you buy from them and they neglect to do the same then the support is one sided)

If most of your answers were no to the questions above, then that person or those persons don’t really give a damn about you. I say, “Fuck em.” Pursue your dreams for yourself or for whatever your motivation is.textgram_1495755386

People pleasing and being afraid to tell someone NO has been a downfall of mine. People don’t mind lying to my face or telling me no. So I just really don’t mind saying no anymore.

It has taken me years to see my worth, but I’m so glad I see it now. When you don’t see your worth people disrespect you and treat you the same way you view yourself. Some people are just evil and treat everyone like they are nothing. This is the time to wake up and do for you.

I notice everything now and pay attention to my “friends” when something is important to them versus when something is important to me.

Today God gave me the push I needed to make it for serious. Yes I said for serious that’s my favorite thing to say. I’m only going up from here and there’s not a person on this earth who can stop me from doing such a thing.

This is especially for single mothers or single fathers. Pay attention to the energy someone steals from you because that can really be damaging your home dynamic. Your children should be your top priority not whether you have friends or not. I’ve felt and been lonely in a room full of people, but never felt alone with just my children. Your children love you and will love you as long as you reciprocate that love. I’m not looking for any love other than unconditional love and respect for my feelings and my time.

As you read in our mother’s day blog. Depression hit me at one point in my life and I can honestly say that a lot of stresses and depression arrive because we give more to others than we do ourselves. That stops for me. I only support those who support me and I mean to the fullest extent of support. Your “I gotcha” or “that’s so dope” isn’t enough anymore.

Successful people make themselves a priority first, then everything and everyone else follows. I’m going to end this by saying that I love you all and I genuinely thank those who love and support me back. Have a great day and remember to live today.


Remember be safe this Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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  1. Hey boo. I’m just now getting caught up and reading your entries. I absolutely love this. This is where I am as well, and why I don’t keep a lot of people around me, so I understand. Just know that I love you, and support you and want you to keep up the great work.


    1. Thank you so much it truly means a lot. Yes a lot of people come in your world to use and abuse you or show fake love its about being kind but no longer being a fool or a slave to anyone. I appreciate your kind words and I love you too sis for real


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